Skiing Guide| How to Choose the Right Skiing Goggles in One Step

Skiing Guide| How to Choose the Right Skiing Goggles in One Step

Skiing Guide| How to Choose the Right Skiing Goggles in One Step

Skiing is a very challenging and skillful outdoor sport with a certain risk. (Other outdoor sports under snow environments also require skiing goggles) People’s eyes are the most weakest organs of the body. The environment of snow field where skiing is likely to cause snow blindness, and high-speed movement is also prone to fall and hurt the eyes, and gliding in the cold wind makes the eyes a lot of damage, so need to use ski goggles to protect the skier's eyes.

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Ski goggles are divided into high mountain goggles, jump goggles, off-road goggles, free goggles and so on. A good ski goggle can play the following functions :

  1. Prevent eye damage from cold wind, the using temperature should reach -30 degree, the goggle frame and lens do not brittle crack.

  2. High-quality goggles coating prevents the ultraviolet light to burn the eyes, effectively filtering out the light harmful to the eyes, meanwhile maintain the brightness and vision open.

  3. The air circulation design and the anti-fogging material ensure that the goggles can not be fogged, the goggles should be ergonomic without shaking, goggle’s belt should have good elasticity with suitable length and width.

  4. The frame and lenses of goggles are made by soft and special materials, commonly made by polycarbonate (a special plastic). Goggles only show deformation under the action of external forces, should be quickly restored to its original state when unloading the external force.

  5. The goggles should not even cause harm to the face after an unexpected fall. In some areas there are standard for anti-impact pressure.

  6. Players with goggles are recommended to choose a ski goggles that can wear glasses. If you are skiing with contact lenses, be sure to keep the eyes moist to avoid eyestrain.

According to the above requirements, you should try to choose a fully enclosed ski goggles. The appearance of this ski goggles similar to the diving goggles, but the nose is not covered. The frame is made of soft plastic, which can close to the face to prevent the wind. The goggles’ surface is made of a colored material coated with an anti-fogging and anti-UV coating. This material is very soft that will show deformation but not broken even twist hard, thus ensure that the face will not be hurt when the goggles get hitting.

In addition, the upper edge of the outer frame is made of a breathable sponge, which is used to remove the heat from the face to the outside of the goggles to ensure that the goggles have a good visual effect.

With the development of science and technology, ski lenses are developed from single to double layers, no frost prevention to frost prevention, and applicable to a variety of weather conditions. Frame with plastic products is much safer, lens color should better be yellow or dark brown.

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How to buy ski goggles for myopic crowd?

Skiing is a dangerous and exciting sports. In snow season, moving freely and quickly in the snow field is those who like sports longing for in the winter.

It is well known that we need to choose ski goggles to protect our eyes when skiing. For myopic crowd, how to choose the ski goggles?

There are three options for myopic crowd to choose their ski goggles :

  • Wear contact lenses and then wear ski goggles

Advantages: Affordable. save time and energy.

The price of contact lenses is relatively lower. It is recommended to choose one-day disposable high –oxygen contact lenses. It’s no need to clean, easy to wear. Of course, it is not suitable for wearing contact lenses for the condition of red and swollen eyes, trachoma, inflammation, etc.

Disadvantages: poor hygiene conditions, no enough safety. Eyes to make eyes red and swollen.

The weather is often gloomier with more wind and sand when skiing. Wearing contact lenses is easy to get dirty and inconvenient to clean and replace. Also, wearing contact lenses inside the ski goggles will affect the breathability of eyes. It is easy to cause eyes red and swollen, and can cause inflammation if more serious.


The eyes can withstand a certain amount of pressure under intense activity or fall. The contact lenses can easily be pressed out. Is it possible to find the contact lenses and wear back? Is it cleanable? These are hidden dangers. If the contact lenses broken in the eyes, it is more harm than good.

  • Wearing ski goggles that can "cover" glasses for the myopia

Advantages: choosing ski goggles with relatively large internal space that can direct cover the glasses for the myopia is a very affordable and effective way.

Disadvantages: the requirements of ski goggles and myopia glasses are relatively high, and the center of myopia lens is not easy to be on the pupil, wearing comfortableness is poor.

Compared to the general ski goggles, the price is relatively higher of ski goggles that can be directly "cover" myopia glasses. Mainly because the frame is made of a special design that increase production costs. Both sides of the temple position of the frame is usually grooved to facilitate the fixation of the lens leg of the glasses. Although this kind of ski goggles have a large internal space, but not suitable for all myopia glasses, we generally recommend to wear: ski goggles with memory or TR90 material, and goggles legs that have good flexibility, and lenses with anti-fog, people use relatively small frame can use this method.

  • Color Choice for Ski Goggles

In outdoor activities, especially in the strong ultraviolet region of the plateau, white ski resorts and the place with dazzling light, many travelers use outdoor glasses to keep out the blinding light to reduce the eyestrain caused by eye accommodation or injure caused by strong flashes. So, what is the characteristics and difference of each outdoor glasses with different colors.

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Characteristics of glasses with different colors and the appropriate crowd

  1. Gray lens belongs to neutral color, whick can absorb any chromatography. Although it will be dark when viewing scene, but there will be no clear color deviation, and can show true and natural feeling. It is suitable for those who like outdoor activities of go sightseeing, photography.

  2. Blue gray lenses and gray lenses are similar, also belongs to neutral lens, but the color is slightly deep. It’s visible light absorption rate is higher. If the place of outdoor activities with particularly strong light, you can consider wearing blue-gray goggles.

  3. The surface of the mercury lens is made of high density mirror coating. This kind of lens absorbs more visible light, suitable for long time outdoor sport people.

  4. Dark brown lenses filter out a lot of blue light, to a certain extent, which can improve the visual clarity and contrast. If the ambient air pollution is serious or foggy, wearing brown outdoor glasses has better visual effects.

  5. The green lens can absorb part of the light, in addition, can maximize the green light to reach the eyes with a cool and comfortable feeling, suitable for those who’s eyes are easy to be tired.

  6. Yellow lenses almost do not reduce the visible light, but in the fog and twilight moment, it can improve the contrast to provide more accurate view, so, it was called night vision goggles by travelers. There are also some young people wearing yellow lenses "sunglasses" for decorative use.

  7. Other glasses such as light blue, light pink, etc.. Rather than regurgitating, it is more decorative than practical.