Equipment Guide for Skiing Novice

Equipment Guide for Skiing Novice

Equipment Guide for Skiing Novice

Skiing has become increasingly popular in recent years, more and more people choose to go to the ski resort of Europe and North America in the winter. These places have beautiful scenery with complete and convenient equipment, makes more people be eager to try. If you are considering joining the ranks of skiing novice without knowledge of what to buy or borrow, you must read the following equipment guide carefully.

It’s really wrong if you wear more because of the ice and snow! Skiing is a physical exercise that consumes a lot of energy. Though the novice only climb at the foot, stumbling and tottering, don’t think it has no amount of exercise. This kind of movement makes body burning physical energy all the time, so really skiing to sweat! Besides, the room has heating, so do not wear too much thick clothes, just pay attention to keep warm on the snowfield.

Usually there are four major points for skiing equipment: waterproof, windproof, warm keeping, and avoid snow falling into the clothes. Generally, you only need the following clothes to cope with the normal snow environment.

Ski suits & ski pants

Ski Suits & Ski Pants :

Ski suits and ski pants wearing the outermost, should be made of Gore-tex fabric, which has function of waterproof, windproof and breathable; Ski suits can be optional with a cap, and pants should pay attention to whether the part of zipper has waterproof design, or if fall down the pocket will be full of snow, and finally the inside pocket gets wet and cold.

ski goggles

Ski Goggles :

The mountain with white snow is very beautiful, but in fact very dazzling because of the lights the sun refracts to the snow, long star may cause eyestrain, and affect vision. In addition, recommend the novice use snow goggle first, because there is a sponge around the goggle, which can be used as a buffer when falls into the snow.

Scarf & Cold Hat :

Your favorite Scarves and cold hats that you use at ordinary times can also come in handy, only need to use thicker than usual. Scarves or sports with the Neckwarmer, in addition to keep warm, also mainly block the snow from the collar enter into the body.

ski equipment

Protection Equipment :

For the novice, most of the time may be spent in the fall, so the helmet, kneecap and hip pad can reduce the degree of injury.

Underwear :

Should choose perspiration breathable long-sleeved thermal underwear and trousers, rather than pure cotton material. Because skiing will perspire ceaselessly, the underwear that can evaporate sweat quickly can let the body keep dry can cool; Instead, cotton fabric is hard to dry after sweating, and the clothes are drenched, make your body colder and feel more and more frozen.

Thick Stockings :

Snow shoes rented from ski resorts may not fit the feet. Wearing thick stockings can protect the feet and reduce friction with the snow boots.

Gloves :

Skiing novice have a high chance of exposure to snow, so opt for waterproof, windproof gloves.