Snowledge Snow Goggles Review

Snowledge Snow Goggles Review

Snowledge Snow Goggles Review


Have you even gotten ready for a ski trip and the only thing you were missing were the proper snow goggles? I had this problem, because I had issues finding the ones that fit me good. They either were extremely uncomfortable, or they were lacking in additional features that I expected them to have, or even the basic function the goggles should provide was poor. I wish I found out about Snowledge Snow Goggles earlier, but better late than never.

Important Things to Know Before Buying Snow Goggles

The first and foremost, make sure the goggles protect your eyes and offer good vision. If they can’t do those things properly, the rest of the features are not even important.

If you are a regular visitor of the ski tracks, then investing in a pair of high end goggles will make the experience much better. If you are a casual skier who goes on skiing in the time of vacation, then you will be fine with some other basic options.

To evaluate the pair of goggles that caught your eye, take these things into consideration:

  • Lens Shape
  • Types of Lenses
  • Lens Color
  • Interchangeable Lenses
  • Fogging of the Lens and Ventilation
  • Comfort and Foam Padding
  • Helmet Compatibility

Lens Shape

There are two basic lens shapes: cylindrical and spherical. Most of them are cylindrical, which means they curve around your face but they are vertically flat.

Cylindrical lenses offer less peripheral vision and they distort the vision at the top and the bottom. But since they are much easier to manufacture, they come at a lower price.

The only reason for you to pick cylindrical over spherical lenses is the budget. Almost all of the high-end snow goggles lenses are spherical. The lens curves vertically and horizontally, mimicking the shape of your eye to provide better and more natural view.

Types of Lenses

There are few of the most common lenses available: polarized, mirrored and photochromic. Mirrored lenses are the best for bright sunlight, polarized ones are great to block strong horizontal light, and photochromic lenses automatically adjust to the light conditions based on the intensity of the light they are exposed to.

Interchangeable Lenses

The best types of goggles are the ones that offer lenses to be swapped. There are various mechanisms to swap them, but simpler the mechanism the better the value of the goggles.

Fogging and Ventilation

If the goggles are prone to fogging, it doesn’t matter which lenses you are using and what are the other features they offer. If they fail to provide you with clear vision in various conditions, then they failed to do their basic job. Goggles with good ventilation prevent the fogging.

Comfort and Foam Padding

Padding can be single or multi-layer, it can have a basic shape, or it can ultimately hung your face to fit perfectly. It all depends on the price, the higher the price the better the padding.

Helmet Compatibility

Most of the goggles can fit almost any helmet today, but there are some that require a specific type of helmet to fit perfectly. The biggest problem here could be helmets, so check the compatibility of your helmet with the goggles.

Snowledge Snow Goggles Review

These goggles are the ones that finally fit my needs after I tried a lot of different high-end goggles. They are frameless which gives them a distinctive look and makes them much sleeker.

They come with cylindrical lenses which are scratch resistant and anti-fog. They come in variety lens colors which are attached to the goggles by magnets. The magnetic lens design is the best one I’ve seen, and it’s the simplest to use, the lens just snaps right into goggles are they are ready to go.

All lenses are double anti-fog, and they all offer UV protection. The strap is very long and adjustable, and it can fit almost any helmet you might have. They are very comfortable, the padding is great and the ventilation is over the top.

The fresh air gets in and the moisture get out very smoothly. These goggles might be great both for skiing enthusiasts who don’t mind the cylindrical lens and the occasional ski trail visitors.

Features & Benefits of Snowledge Snow Goggles

1. Pro-grade ventilation & frameless design

Focused on reduces fogging and sleek design, the goggles let the hot air out and the cold air in very effectively. This is very important to have constant clear vision without blurred lenses.

2. Buckle Magnetic Frame

The best lens exchange system ever. It’s so practical and easy that it takes seconds to change the lens with no effort required.

3. Exchangeable Lens System

As I said, the magnetic system is awesome and the lenses can be changed for the ones for different weather conditions, different colors and mainly so you can swap the ones on you like the best.

4. Helmet Compatibility

These goggles’ compatibility goes to the max. The strap is so long it can fit almost any helmet out there. The strap is adjusted very easily and it can be set to fit the right length the helmet may require.

What Do Others Say?

As my instinct suggests, I don’t trust the advertisements the first time I see them. Although all the features these goggles have seemed awesome, I had to look for some backup information.

I browsed the internet looking for the impressions of other people who used them and the responses were mainly positive. The reviews were four or five stars and the videos I’ve seen are amazing, which gave me the confidence to order a pair.

The Alternative – Snowledge Spherical Snow Goggles

If the cylindrical lens in the previous choice is a big issue for you, then check out this alternative I found. These are spherical goggles, and besides that they are very similar to the cylindrical ones.

They are in the same price range and the offer the same good features. The only thing that these are lacking is the magnetic lens exchanging system, which is not that big of a deal.

If the spherical lenses are important to you and you are willing to trade that for less practical lens exchange system, then check these goggles out!


To sum everything up, the Snowledge Snow Goggles solved my fogging and comfort problem I had with the ones I used before. They also proved to be pretty durable, and there are still no traces of wear and tear.

I thought it would help a lot of people who were in the search for the right goggles, so I wrote this review. I hope they can solve your problems as well. Click here to visit Snowledge Sports official site!