Snowledge Cyklone Ski Snow Goggles with Magnetic 2 Lens for Men & Women Anti-Fog OTG UV Protection


  • HB-10 is our latest magnetic masterpiece. New Technology for lens curvature. Horizontal curvature is 5.5 degrees while 3.5 degrees vertical for optimal visibility. The HD filter and the anti-glare lens offers a much superior enhanced peripheral view. 
  • The Magnetic lens + the lens locking mechanism design is another innovation, which will make your ski goggles seated much more secure during skiing and snowboarding, unlike traditional magnetic ski goggles that will pop out easily when you fall.

OTG Design

  • It's an OTG-friendly goggle which means you can wear your prescription glasses.


  • The inner lens is treated with anti-fog technology during the production phase, which means that instead of an exterior ‘coating’, which is found on cheaper goggles, our anti-fog treatment is absorbed into the lens. This process provides superior anti-fog performance and means that the anti-fog treatment is permanent.

Magnet Lenses

  • Magnet technology makes it faster and easier for anyone to change the lens in seconds. With the magnetic lens system, you can switch over to your low light lens within a blink of an eye.


  • Our ventilation ensures maximum airflow for clear, fog-free vision in all conditions.


  • The double Spherical lens is fully loaded with maximum UV400 protection.

Intended Use

  • For the serious skier or snowboarder SNOWLEDGE is your first choice.

Package Includes

  • Snowledge Magnetic Ski Goggle
  • Extra (Polarized)Lens
  • Extra Head Strap
  • Micro-Fiber Bag
  • Carrying Bag
  • Polarized Test Card

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